Are Male Enhancement Products For You?

man and woman together

There is always that point in a man’s life when he feels he is not doing so well in his sexual life. This is a normal thing and can sometimes be misunderstood by many. There are various health, physical and emotional issues that could cause a man to perform poorly sexually. These include stress at work, a recent relationship breakdown, fatigue, weight increase among many others. If you are wondering whether male enhancement products are for you, here are some simple self assessment tips that can help you get to the bottom of things.

Who’s complaining?

Most of the times a man considers using the enhancement products because they want to be like some ‘star’ they saw in a blue movie or they read about in some fiction story. Ask yourself if anyone is complaining. If not then the trouble might not be worth it. Remember some products could have fatal side effects. If your partner is happy and satisfied with your size and how long you last during intercourse then you may not need to use the enhancements. Again ask yourself who’s complaining?


Most male enhancement products don’t come cheaply. This is true even for the herbal male enhancement products. Another aspect that adds to the cost of the products is the fact that they have to be taken for long periods of time. For instance to get an increase of just one inch from using male enhancement products may take you many months, even an year. For some products you might have to use them daily for the rest of your life. For instance in erectile dysfunction cases you might have to take the enhancements daily since ED is not really cured. Budget is therefore an important factor to consider if you want to start using the enhancements. Make sure that you have them budgeted for every month.

Is it just your Ego?

Men are egoistic creatures. Everyman wants their ego to be high. Men want to be regarded as the best by their partners in bed. This could be already true. If it is just your ego you are feeding then the enhancements might not be for you. Make sure that you take the enhancements to take care of a particular problem that you have. The problem should also be something that makes your sex life unbearable. Otherwise, if you can live with it and your partner can then you might pass on the enhancements.

Other satisfaction techniques

Penetration and lasting long during sex are not the only ways to satisfy your partner. Most of the sensitive parts of the vagina are just there on the surface. Try other techniques that can be used to make your partner enjoy sex more with you. Some women are even satisfied with a lot of foreplay and less penetration.